PCOS disappearing for Dutchess. Improved sleep habits and quality = more energized & less sleepy.

Dutchess has enjoyed the following:

– From irregular or regular periods is huge;

– PCOS is disappearing;

– Is sleeping earlier;

– Is enjoying more seafood;

– Is more energized;

– Is less sleepy and no longer needs naps during the day; and

– Will innovate solutions to ensure excellent food throughout the day.

Great food could be as simple as always having the following at home:

– lots of eggs (steam or boil 10 at a t8me)

– jars of fish (sardines, bangus, Toyota etc.) in olive oil

– steamed okra and other season green vegetables

– onions and garlic (chop and fry in bulk with some in fridge and rest in freezer)

– European cheese like Brie etc.

– nori seaweed sheets to make Primed sushi / Kimbap wraps

– coconut oil, butter and olive oil

– Korean shop bought kimchi

Some easily prepared Primed dishes:

Raw carrot with goats cheese.

More important than your food is what created your food = the sun.

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