Ariel is getting BED = Better Every Day.

Primed Ariel from GN Power now knows better and is doing better. He looks and feels better. He was delighted to see his colleague Jhona also looking better. Better rocks. Aim to be Better Every Day. #energyislife❤️ #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

Ariel is seeking out the sun and loving the sun’s energy.

Sunshine is energy and energy is life.

So many more benefits like blood flow to all organs including brain, feel good hormones released like dopamine and beta-endorphins and a lot more.

Morning sun in your eyes without glasses sets your circadian rhythm so you sleep better at night. This is CRITICAL.

Water is critical too.

Water, together with sunlight, powers our energy cells called mitochondria. Energy is life.

This quote from a lady who was told her condition is TERMINAL.

I said no way. I taught her Primed protocols via skype (she lives in Adelaide South Australia) and she is doing well with “fantastic” news.

“Hi chad. Visited my specialist yesterday for my regular checkup.

*** Received fantastic news.

No protein in my urine and My light chains are down to 32 (11;000 when diagnosed) stem cell transplant and all the information from you and Jack kruse I’m following.

Taking baking Soda daily seeking sunlight (vit D levels are good), following diet and sleeping well without wifi spending time on the beach grounding and breathing.

Thanks again chad.”

Her very good doctors told her it is terminal. It only is if you believe it. Believe in yourselves, your health, your great future. Make it happen.

The sun is so important. No life on Earth without it. No food without Photosynthesis. We are all solar powered beings.

The Beatles love the sun too.

1. Here comes the sun

2. Good day sunshine

3. I’ll follow the sun

4. Any time at all (If the sun has faded away)

5. Yellow Submarine (So we sailed on to the sun)

6. Two of us (Two of us wearing raincoats Standing so low In the sun – also note the coda: sunshine, you are my sunshine)

7. Dear Prudence (The sun is up, the skies are blue).

8. Good Night (Now the sun turns out his light)

9. I Am The Walrus (Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun)

10. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes and she’s gone)

Please see this part chapter extract from my future book on how critical the sun is for all people but especially tropical  people.

As Primed Doctor Sherine. Great to meet you yesterday.

20 Reasons the sun is so critical to being energized

The sun is the source of all life. Sunshine is energy (and stored energy) and energy if life.

Humans and plants and all animals harvest energy from the sun. We are all light eaters. We are all solar powered yet the current trend is to avoid the sun. The current trend is also for increased disease and ill-health.

1 The sun is responsible for ALL food on planet Earth via photosynthesis.

2 The sun is more critical to your health than food. All causes of mortality (death) are proven to be increased with lower vitamin D (is actually a hormone). The higher your hormone D the lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

3 We have hormone D receptors in EVERY cell in our body INCLUDING our eyes.

4 The sun is more critical for a person of tropical / equatorial decent. People with dark skin and eyes need more sun on their eyes and skin than a whiter person. Hence, the darker your skin the more sun you need. The older you get the more sun you need as well.

5 48% of circuits in our brains are wired to the sun and not dietary metabolism.

6 Sunlight on your skin = electrons in your body through Electron Transport Chain (ETC). All food is also electrons in your body via ETC. Earthing / Grounding is also electrons via ETC. Electrons = energy = life.

7 The sun is also stored energy on our skins like a solar panel (we are solar charged beings). This stored energy helps us with our daily activities and also is utilized while we regenerate and repair through autophagy at night.

8 The sun facilitates intestinal absorption of phosphorus and calcium which strengthens bones and teeth. The sun improves oral health which is important with respect to overall health.

9 Helps trim fat cells and decrease leptin levels because the suns rays on your skin are electrons in your electron transport chain.

10 The sun is a natural antibiotic to help white blood cells clear infection. This obviously improves your immune system functioning. The sun is also anti-inflammatory with a calming effect for muscle relaxation / less pain.

11 The sun prevents high blood pressure and protects kidneys from high uric acid. Hence, the sun helps blood flow to all your vital organs especially brain and heart. Blood initially comes to the surface of your skin (dermal pooling) via nitric oxide. This nitric oxide release is beneficial to our body with a fun 4 minute exercise called Nitric Oxide Dump to be explained in another chapter.

12 Increase oxygen content in blood and increases capacity to deliver oxygen to tissues in your body.

13 Makes our gut less leaky for better immunity. Also fights autoimmune diseases and reduces cellular aging.

14 Helps with HDL as a sign of liver health and helps protect the brain.

15 Kills bad bacteria and reduces risk of breast cancer.

16 Enhances performance for athletics / life. Improves body and brain functioning.

17 Helps with sleep with morning sun in your eyes  and on your skin helping to set your circadian rhythm. The sun helps you sleep. Sleep = life = sleep.

18 Sets biological clock through your eye clock for proper timely hormonal cascade daily. The sun’s light creates melatonin in the morning for release at night.

19 Feels great with dopamine release being a natural drug.

20 The sun is a natural opiate via POMC which releases B-endorpin into our blood stream. We are designed by Mother Nature to be addicted to the sun. If you do not get it naturally you’ll seek it artificially. Artificial will never be as good as natural.

My son and I tape our mouth’s shut nightly. This aids a deeper sleep as it ensures optimal nose breathing.

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