Nice to see a statue of Dr. Jose Rizal at beautiful Hibiya Park in Tokyo. Some countries value green space. Others are too greedy. :(

We lucked out by walking through Hibiya Park on our mission to see the Godzilla statue.

We were delighted to see a statue of Philippine hero Dr. Jose Rizal at this park.

We loved the flowers and greenery.

We loved the statues and scenery. The Dr. Jose Rizal was our favorite.

We also loved hanging out at the Imperial Palace before walking to Hibiya Park.

We met Momo on the way. Christian said his monkey Dad is a lot more hairy and probably not as talented or smart!

I almost forgot, here is Godzilla.

Our dinner afterwards was great. We only ate a big breakfast then early dinner.

Mt. Fuji tomorrow. Yippie.

This cat likes bread, pasta, noodles and staying indoors. Haha.

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