Beautiful Kiyosumi Gardens in Tokyo

This garden of exquisite stones was created by 3 generations of the Iwasaki family.

Christian and I loved these gardens on a beautiful sunny day.

We loved the turtles.

Turtles and some people know to get the benefits of the sun yet some hide from it even when they are in the shade! The older you get the more sun you need. The darker your skin the more sun you need. The more tropical your heritage the more sun you need. Want to be healthy then you need more sun. Want to die young with a disease then hide from the sun. Simple really. All cause mortality increased with reduced sun exposure.

Beautiful trees, plants and flowers.

We loved watching this bird have its lunch.

We had Turkish food for a late lunch.

We enjoyed our walk around the Kiyosumi Gardens area but were disappointed the Contemporary Arts Museum was closed.

Some more pictures from Kiyosumi Gardens

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