The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Ways to reduce fake light toxicity and use cell phones less.

20 Ways to limit blue light toxicity and use cell phones less

A CRITICAL factor in optimal health is having good circadian rhythms where you are yoked to the 24 hour light cycles of your environment. This means having a lifestyle where your first light in the morning is natural light (not a tv, cell phone or toilet light) and maximizing natural light throughout the day and minimizing fake blue lights as much as you can day and night but particularly at night.

The morning sun in your eyes and on your skin sets your hormonal cascade in motion and is also when crucial melatonin is made.

Excessive fake lights is akin to excess carbohydrates and is detrimental to your brain and body health. The fake light increases our blood sugar levels.

Fake light affects your bodies ability to make, and then release, melatonin from your pineal gland and this impacts your sleep enormously. Melatonin is anti-cancer and has anti-oxidant properties.

These lights from overhead, cell phones etc. also impact thermoregulation, blood pressure, mood, eye sight and glucose homeostasis.

A lack of melatonin (you should not supplement what your body is designed to make) is linked to higher rates of breast cancer, ovarian and prostate cancers. Blocking blue light is linked to lower cancer rates.

Some other negative effects of blue lights include increasing cortisol, infertility, depression and anxiety, affects memory, reducing anti-oxidant potential, increasing free radical damage, reduce energy output of mitochondria (fatigue), strain of eyes causing macular degeneration, increase headaches and neurological disorders and increase tumor growth.

  1. Get out of fake light as much as you can by going to bed earlier. An ideal bed time is around 9:30pm to 10:00pm. By sleeping earlier you are more likely to be in sync with your local light cycles. Hence, waking with the sun.
  2. Use candles more.
  3. Use incandescent light bulbs instead of LED lights if you can.
  4. Batch your computer work / cell phone use more so you use it less.
  5. Try and have natural light breaks throughout the day where you leave the fake light to enjoy the natural light. For every hour inside on your gadget / computer aim for around 5 to 8 minutes outside in natural light.
  6. Use blue light blocking glasses at night.
  7. Use blue light blocking glasses during the day too. Any time whilst working on a computer these glasses will be an advantage to you.
  8. Cover your neck (thyroid gland) with a scarfe. Cover your skin as much as you can because we are affected by this fake light via our skin as well as our eyes.
  9. Downgrade your cell phone and aim to use it less.
  10. Educate yourself on ways to shield your phone and with respect to clothing and hats that possibly shield you.
  11. Try and avoid making calls and text instead.
  12. Avoid using your phone if the signal is low.
  13. Switch off your phone if not in use.
  14. Do not have the phone on your body and have a seperate bag for it.
  15. Do not have a cordless phone.
  16. Position your work desk near a window and take advantage of the natural light.
  17. Try fasting. Not food fasts but technology fasts. Start with a six hour techno fast then build up.
  18. When dining out aim for breakfast and lunch times (not dinner) and find nice restaurants that have outdoor dining / alfresco.
  19. Remember the mantra of Distance, Duration and Disconnect with respect to wi-fri? Use the same principles for your phone and fake light environments.
  20. Have technology fasts where you leave your devices at home and have fun in nature.

This is from a top neurosurgeon andcquantum phsyics expert who helps people reverse conditions like MS and more.

Fake lite
Just so we are clear, chronic artificial blue light is equivalent to chronic excessive carbohydrates because both contain excessive photoelectric energies. This means that chronic fake blue light from technology and TV dehydrate your mitochondria just as a piece of steak is dehydrated in a microwave. Why? Blue light slows electron chain flow on your inner mitochondrial membrane and this lowers the spinning of the ATPase. Most people forget that glucose metabolism and beta oxidation of fats makes CO2 and water as a side effect in mitochondria. This is is a sign of healthy mitochondria. If your mitochondria are inefficient for any reason, by definition this means they have a higher heteroplasmy rate, you become dehydrated by definition as the picture below shows. Sun energy uses water and CO2 to make glucose by photosynthesis in a chloroplast. Mitochondria reverse the photosynthesitic process in animals. So when you are constipated, dry skin, eyes, or vagina, no saliva, hung over, have headaches, are prone to concussions, these are all signs of poor mitochondrial function in many disease states.

Cell phone

My story:

Like most people I did not place enough emphasis on the effect my environment had on my biology (mitochondria). Now I know better I am doing better.

It is now something I am not perfect at but something I am conscious to continually improve because I now understand how critical my light and overall environment is to my health.


Myra earned a really high salary as a call center agent. She worked all nights under fake lights in wi-fri and cell phone infested buildings. Myra used her cash to upgrade to the latest phone, went on holidays to see the bright lights of Tokyo and New York and London. Myra disliked the sun because it was too hot. Myra always wore make up.

By the time Myra was 35 she was obese. 36 she had hypertension. 37 was type 2 diabetes. 38 was psoriasis. 39 was a stroke. Myra did not reach 40. Her chiildren inherited her love of gadgets, late nights and also worked in call centers because they could earn more cash.

Myra’s children also did not reach 40. Their doctors said it was in there genes.

Yes, her children inherited 100% of their mitochondrial DNA from their Mum but Myra had been a healthy and vibrant child growing up in the provence in the Philippines.

The Mum of Myra attended all the funerals of Myra and her own grandchildren. Then she returned home to the provence where she had no TV. No wi-fri. Myra’s Mum had lots of friends. Slept early. Did gardening every day and lived to be 101. Myra’s Mum’s Mum lived to be 101 as well. Do you think that was because of their genes (genetical DNA)?

Food for thought?:

Ever wonder why Steve Jobs died from pancreatic liver cancer at the age of 56?

See the light:

See natural light more and fake light less. Simple really. Or end up like Myra with a rich job but poor life. Poor quantity and quality.

Did you know?:

Steve Jobs did not allow his children to have cell phones?

Did you know?:

It is written into the fine print of your cell phone to not use it as a calling device with the phone not to be held up to your ear? Why?

Take action:

Go outside. Open the windows and curtains if inside during the day.

Change your habits. Maybe change your job. Possibly change where you live in your city. Maybe move from the city to the country. Maybe move to a healtheir country.


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