The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Activities to avoid / limit.

20 Activities to avoid / limit

Some of these activities are necessary but your job is to look after your own health. Try and avoid outsourcing that to people who do not care for you or who have a vested interest in your lack of wellness.

Most of these activities are easily avoided with the right attitude, lifestyle and positive habits. An example is the more time you spend outside the less food you will need (the sun is energy) and the less time you will be likely to watch TV or go to a mall or a gym.

  1. Cooking food in a microwave – Not only diminishes the nutrient density of your food but also affects your mitochondria due to the invisible pollution being emitted.
  2. Using sunscreen – It is definitely not good to get sunburned. It is even worse to hide from our greatest source of energy and health. Once you have enjoyed enough sensible sun exposure then add clothing and cover exposed areas. You could also go into the shade. If sunscreen is a must then choose one with less chemicals which ultimately flow into your blood stream.
  3. Wearing too many clothes in a tropical climate – There is a tropical “uniform”. It is less clothing. Do not become sunburned but build up your ability to withstand the sun.
  4. Wearing too many clothes in a cold climate –We need to become better adapted to where we live. Embrace the cold and try to become better at tolerating it.
  5. Eating a dinner buffet – I do not eat food after sun down because I want my stored energy to go into regenerating and repairing my mitochondria. If my energy is diverted to digestion then my sleep will be less than optimal.
  6. Staying up late watching TV – Try and get your circadian rhythms in sync with the natural rise and fall of the sun. Watching TV late will affect your sleep.
  7. Having a TV or cell phone in your bedroom – A huge no no. You only regenerate and repair your mitochondria during sleep. A cell phone, wi-fri on, TV etc. ruins your sleep and therefore your body and brain regeneration and repair.
  8. Sunglasses / contact lenses / cataract surgery / lazer surgery on eyes – Our eyes are a clock as well as a camera. Most eye damage is caused by too much fake light and not enough natural light. Build up your ability to withstand natural light without glasses.
  9. Spending lots of time indoors – Nature is natural. An indoor existance is not. Simply aim for more time outdoors.
  10. Mammograms – Thermograms are a far safer way to check for breast cancer. The best way to avoid breast cancer is to boost your vitamin D level and sometimes expose your breasts to natural light. Mammograms have high rates of false positives (so they can then chop them off and sell you chemo that has a 2% success rate). Mammograms also subject ladies to unnecessary pain and considerable and cumulative radiation exposure.
  11. Supplements – If your body is designed to make it you will affect the feedback loop if you take it. I do not buy supplements but I do buy quality water from Europe.
  12. Upgrading to the latest gadget – Upgrading means more dehydration, weaker bones and cellular damage. Maybe not a great way to spend your money?
  13. Cities with 5G that profess to be “smart” – These 5G cities will assault your mitochondria and drain your energy. It will affect your heart and brain (where we have the most mitochondrial density). Is it a coincidence that the tech capitol of the world (California) has the highest incidences of autism?
  14. Having a job that involves staying up during the night – This one harms your circadian rhythm. Anything that harms your restorative sleep harms you in the long-term. Hence, do this type of job for a while but aim to find a better one.
  15. Deodorants / after shave / perfumes – When you put these products on your skin they also make their way into your blood stream. Save money and buy better quality water than these heavily marketed products.
  16. Cosmetic make-up – Anything that hides your face from the sun will lower your energy, stored energy, dopamine, blood flow and vitamin D. Is it really necessary or have you been conditioned to believe it is.
  17. Going to the gym often and definitely avoiding late night workouts that negatively impact your sleep
  18. Medications – As mentioned in my disclaimer, I am not a health care professional. Some medicine is necessary but maybe you should assess if your medicine addresses the root cause of your problem. The root cause is likely to be environmental, lifestyle, food or drinks. How does taking medications address those issues?
  19. Doctors and hospitals – The healthier and more energized you are the less you’ll need to visit doctors and hospitals. Better to spend your money on a fun holiday to boost your immune system.
  20. Diagnostic centers – Sometimes it is good to get your blood works checked. Especially vitamin D, HbA1c (3 month blood sugar average), HS-CRP, Bun-Creatinine ratio and Triglyceride to HDL ratio. Unfortunately a lot of the ranges on your returned diagnostic test are flawed ( dictated by the drug companies to sell more drugs ) and cause more stress. Getting a cholesterol result and not understanding it is not going to help you at all. It is just an opportunity for a doctor to push their cholesterol lowering drug on you so they can get a kick back from the drug company.

“It is the very error of the moon.
She comes more near the earth
than she was wont. And makes
men mad.”

—William Shakespeare, Othello

 Cell abuse

My story:

My worst activity was probably doing too many activities. I was doing my ironman training up to 24 hours a week. This turned out to be futile because I suffered some over use injuries and was still not healthy like I wanted to be.

I also wasted a huge amount of time. Time is our most precious commodity and I was very busy biking, swimming and running around in circles. I might and could still do an ironman but it would not involve wasting time and time away from my family.

I am so very glad that I am healthy naturally and I do longer waste time over exercising. Picture below on the left was at the age of 44 and exercising up to 20 hours per week. On the right I am nearly 52 and mainly walk in the sun.


Ruel was a triathle like me. He spent a lot of time and money doing 12 ironman events so he could compete in NZ for the ironman championships. Ruel was not that great at it so it was more of a way of giving himself self worth and showing his mates how good he was.

Unfortunately Ruel’s children never really saw their Dad much and never really got a flavor of his love and affection.

His children were not good at school and their personalities were not very kind and caring.

Nobody really knew about this but they all thought Ruel was fabulous when he did his ironman in New Zealand.

Ruel also had a heart attack 6 months after his final ironman because of all the stress and strain from all his over-training, training at the expense of sleep and training a lot in the fake lights of his favorite gym. Well done on your ironman events Ruel but maybe time developing relationships with family and true friends is more important.

Food for thought?:

I always used to use deodorant. I spent quite a lot of money actually.

I have not used deodorant now for 5 years and not one person has told me I stink. I now smell natural.

See the light:

Analyze what you do and why? Does it bring value? Is there another way?


Did you know?:

That when we were healthier hundreds of years ago we did not need diagnostic tests, gym membership, specialist doctors, lots of drugs or microwave ovens? Indeed, there are provinces in Greece where they have not even heard of cancer.

Take action:

Go through the list above and give a nice big tick to what you are already doing.

Highlight the ones that make sense to you and that you want to start doing then do it.

Take note of the effect of the changes on your body, brain, sleep and life in general. Some will save you a lot of time and money.

Microwave Evil_by_Koko_Cake

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