Wabo is Rocking his Primed Lifestyle: Stronger, smarter, healthier and happier.

From the fb page of Wabo:

Be PHENOMENAL or be FORGOTTEN. AVERAGE skills, GREAT heart. Don’t COMPETE…DOMINATE. @wabocolincs

Wabo C

Wabo rocks:

“That new way of living actually impacted me a lot and is a living habit for now and I’m also proud to see results step by step.

Thanks for your diet, nutrition and lifestyle plan. To be honest since I started primed, my life have been changed a lot more… now I eat more responsibly and I care about what i eat … here is what I eat more now ; eggs ( boiled or fried with olive or coconut oil) and of course I still eat rice but only a little amount, and fruits, and I drink more water and coconut juice.”

Here is some cool inspiration from a great guy. Wabo is a great guy. He is thriving Primed. Not perfect but aiming to be:




“Every setback is a set up for a comeback.” Wabo Colincs.

Wabo team

When I first presented Primed to Wabo and teammates:

Wabo meeting

Hot off the press: “Hey Chad, thanks so much for your talk last Friday. Guess what? I’m feeling more energized already. I recovered better than normal from my training. Thanks man.” Very groovy. Recovery is key as it allows you to perform better the next day. #grainsequalsugar#sugarleadstoinflammation#inflammationleadstodisease#recoveryiskey#primedforyourlife#enderuncolleges#enderunbasketballteam#eatrealfood

Wabo fi

Wabo f image

I met Wabo and fellow Enderun sporting team friends and some have absolutely thrived since then.

Wabo Enderun

Some thrive like Wabo and some have kept doing the same. I am proud that the ones who did not follow well at least know better.  Once you know better you generally do better. 

Wabo 1

Another Top Primed Basketball Player is Sean Anthony.

Sean Anthony

Sean Anthony rocks.

Anthony Sean rocks

Anthony Sean 1

Anthony Sean

He is a super man. Most of our meetings are outdoors.

Anthony Sean 2

He and wife Teresa also love Primed VCO. Cool.

Primed Centrifuged Organic VCO1

Top athletes Primed include UFC fighters among others.



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