Fabulous Primed Bosses Oscar & Ciara Helped Themselves to Better Health and Then SHARED the Love and Knowledge to their Staff. Fabulous.

Ciara and Oscar have noticed / enjoyed the following since going Primed

  • Improved energy
  • Better mental clarity and cognition
  • Better sleep
  • No sickness
  • Recover from travel faster
  • Improved skin
  • More vitality and better moods
  • Peace of mind in knowing Primed is a sustainable lifestyle that is fun
  • No stomach issues

Ciara and Oscar fi

  • Because Ciara and Oscar thrived so well Primed and improved their bodies and brains they are determined to help their staff.

Ciara and Oscar

From left to right is Gab, Denisse, Jay, Rodz, Carlos, Chad, Oscar and Ciara.

Denisse lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks following some of the Primed protocols shared to her from Ciara. Cool.

Ciara and Oscar Denisse

Read about Denisse’s story here. Denisse lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks, feels so much healthier and lighter and got rid of constipation.

Primed Lovely makes fabulous Primed nutritious meals for Oscar, Ciara and their 2 children.Ciara and Oscar food

Primed Lovely rocks. Is also healthier and happier with her Primed lifestyle.

Lovely food10

Lovely’s colleague is Jessa

Primed Jessa was anemic and even hospitalized with it. Ciara also helped Jessa with some Primed protocols and Jessa is now feeling so much better and is healthier and happier.

Ciara and Oscar went Primed because of Precious and Mikel

Kitchen 56 by Earth Kitchen Mikel and Precious

Fig Restaurant2

I was so very happy running my 12km to the company of Oscar and Ciara

Am so happy that I just cried. Here’s why I am so passionate & why I never give up on anyone. We deserve to be healthy and happy.

“We do…u know what…one of reason that my daughter immune system getting stronger because of Primed and good pattern of sleep..her doctor consider her terminal stage though but now she eat well tryng to sit on her own…even her pedia neuro were happy of elise positive progress…1 month no siezure….cheers.”

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Ciara and Oscar Elise

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