23 Days Till Christmas – Start Your Bucket List

23. Start Your Bucket List

Dream big

“Whether you think you can or not you are probably right.”  Do not be limited in your thinking of what you can achieve.  It is possible but starts with the dream, then comes the motivation, followed by execution.

Great Wall friends

The Great Wall of China Marathon rocked and was once on my bucket list, as was Japan Ironman.  Remember though, it is your bucket so put in there what is dear to you. 

It could be to read a certain book, write a book, learn a musical instrument, go with your family on a great holiday, visit a friend in a foreign country, learn a language, go skiing in Switzerland, bungee jump in New Zealand, jump from a helicopter (with a parachute), visit the Vatican City, go on safari in Africa, take a picture of Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower, get a new job, do a half-Ironman triathlon etc.

Eiffel Tower

Chad’s Bucket List

1. I want to go with my family skiing in the beautiful town of Zermatt, Switzerland.

Zermatt skiing

Image courtesy of google from here, and featured image from here.

2. Qualify and then run the Boston marathon with Natasha. Picture from Boston marathon facebook page.

Boston marathon

3. Watch some Aussie hip hop like Hilltop Hoods, Briggs or Joelistics live with my children. Listen to this as a sample from Briggs and Gurrumul.

What’s on your bucket list? Please share with us.

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