Lemon Cafe on Boracay in the Philippines voted #1 by Lauren & Christian.

We always visit Lemon Cafe a lot when in Boracay.

We love the food, service, location and ambience. It is always 1st class.

I love their fish cakes. The sauces is spicy and tastes great.

Owner Sarah is Primed and is cool.

We love their rum balls.

Their salads are always fresh and delicious. Lauren and Christian love their Caesar Wraps.

Their menu is extensive, always fresh and tasty.

Lemon Cafe is in Boracay where the beaches are beautiful.

Three pictures above courtesy of Lauren Davis. Lauren, Christian and I had a fabulous time enjoying the sun, surf and hospitality of Boracay.

The sun rises and sunsets of Boracay are spectacular.

We are looking forward to our next Boracay adventure already.

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