Another beautiful day deserves another Primed picnic in the park with Primed Mike. His staff are now Primed. Cool.

I prepared a delicious meal within 10 minutes and walked barefoot to Ortigas Park which is only 1km from our unit. Definitely no sunglasses, sleeves or sunscreen required.

I used a cooler to keep the food fresh.

Our delicious Primed feast included Primed Brownies made with coconut flour.

I also prepared steamed okra (chopped), Down to Earth sardines in olive oil, lots of home-made pickled ginger and steamed eggs. Very very delicious and filling. Was my main meal for the day.

Mike and I had a great chat. We did not look at our cell phones once. We conversed. Had fun. Built each others dopamine. You do not get this over the internet.

Because Mike is a great friend I gave him a gift.

Because I rock beautiful morena Mary gave me a great gift.

Because Mary rocks I gave her a gift of Mountain Valley sparkling spring water.

The staff of Mike and Mary are now Primed. We had a fun 2 hour seminar poolside. I gave them all Primed organic vco because they rock. Kray, Ian and Arabs will all thrive. They will all be smarter, stronger, healthier and happier. No doubt about it.

Want to go Primed and save valuable time and money?

  • Text me at 0929-421-2148
  • Email at
  • Skype of primedforyourlife

Primed is fun, natural and it works.

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