I am proud to have a friend like Sigi Bierbaumer. Sigi is a great man with a huge heart.

Sigi is the type of person WHO marked you a better person. Just knowing him is a gift. He is generous, kind, fun, funny and a great man. Enough said. He also has a fabulous partner in Lisa. Sigi and Lisa rocks.

Even our mutual friend Werner is Primed and thriving.

We had many great times whilst opening Circles Event Cafe. I’ll never forget the day we were packed to the rafters with a huge wait list. All tables were full and Sigi Primed a large group a table within 9 minutes. Then he came up to me and said I have to get the table within 9 minutes. Haha. Asking for the impossible….. However, when you have a great boss like Sigi the impossible becomes possible. We got them their table in 9 minutes.

We also had a lot of fun running red restaurant.

The highlight was drinking red wine after a hard night. A favorite was Killakanoon Oracle Shiraz.

A super challenge was a double booking on December 23rd. Luckily Ed Vitug and I rescued a potentially disastrous situation with the help of Steve Tai. We were all a great team following a great leader called Sigi.

Sigi is European like our favorite water.

Sigi loves his friends and they love him more. We had a great dinner after our gold at Eastridge. Thanks Chef See.

Sigi looked great with a mo. He is a cool dude with or without a mustaka.

Sigi was a top chef who worked his way up to become a top GM of 5 star hotels.

Sigi will at more seafood and not grains or even grain fed meat.

Cool Sigi will do even more of this.

If you want to go Primed and thrive like Sigi will just do the following:

  1. Message me at 0929-43021-2148, chad.davis.1@gmail.com or primedforyourlife (skype).

  2. Use the code word Sigi to get the same unbelievable rate Sigi got.

  3. We start ASAP with a Primed seminar and life improves immediately. Simple.

  4. Support is ongoing. Menu plans, recipes, lifestyle adjustments and environmental assessments included.

  5. Also includes your family for a fun and natural lifestyle.

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