Primed Agnes still rocking her fun and natural Primed lifestyle after 18 months. Yippie.

“Hi Chad

Thanks for keeping in touch !

The pictures says it all.

Been primed for 18 months and thriving!

Loving the sun, my sleep and the energy!

I’m one grateful primed !

Cheers and i appreciate all you do!

Best regards

– agnes”

From the success story of Primed Agnes from 2017. The best news is that things just keep getting better. That’s Primed.

Primed Agnes went Primed because she noticed how her friends Darlene and Leo were rocking it Primed and reversing their type 2 diabetes, hypertension and dysmenorrhea.

Agnes has Enjoyed the Following Since Going Primed

• Lost 22 plus pounds without exercise

• No more GERD / acid reflux

• Has a lot more energy

• Is less moody and a lot happier

• Enjoying her food a lot

• No longer any constipation

• Enjoying the compliments of friends and colleagues

• Clearer thinking

• Better skin

• Better sleep

• Better outlook for the future

• Has had to buy new clothes

• Husband Levi is also doing well and supports his beautiful wife

Gratitude is so very important – be grateful for all of your life’s lessons

Be grateful for all the good and bad in your past, present and future. Concentrate on the good and learn from the bad.

*** As you learn you see that things are ON THE WAY and not in the way.

The Final Word

Even though Agnes and Levi live in California they were able to rock it Primed via skype and email.

My email is

Cell is 0929-421-2148

Skype is primedforyourlife

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