Kristella is rocking her fun and natural Primed lifestyle. Already reversing type 2 diabetes in 2 weeks.

Kristella is just 2 weeks Primed and LOVES IT. ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’—

Kristella has noticed:

(1) Hugely improved energy throughout her day;

(2) Is a lot more productive at home and at work;

(3) She feels great;

(4) Is enjoying her fun lifestyle and darker skin. Kristellaโ€™s skin has improved markedly in the 2 weeks;

(5) Was amazed that her blood sugar is now lower than when she was taking insulin constantly and following the advise of the dietitians;

(6) Is a lot more satisfied and satiated with her food. Kristella has no more cravings for cheapo glyphosate poisioned carbos like bread, pasta and noodles;

(7) Is craving quality brain food like seafood;

(8) Is wearing her glasses a lot less and feels her eyesight ๐Ÿ‘ is improving;

(9) Is super grateful for her fun Primed lifestyle and her changes she was brave enough to implement;

(10) Is happy She is saving money on meds that are no way nearly as effective as. Her fun Orimed lifestyle that involves no meds, no supplements and no wasting valuable time and energy in a gym;

(11) Is loving that she is spending more time outside in natural light and is now apprciative of the sunโ€™s energy and healing powers;

(12) Is sleeping so much better and feels great when hoping out of bed in the morning;

(13) Is super happy hubby Justin is already making great Primed changes in Sydney and enjoying positive outcomes already too. Justin also feels more satiated and satisfied with his food. He also has less cravings and is enjoying his Primed food nutrition;

(14) Is super grateful her Mum Nen has also made some Primed changes that are having a positive effect too;

(15) Loves that her decision to get me as her wellness coach is also helping her mother-in-law in Sydney. She made Primed Vegetable Kinilaw and the whole family LOVED it. Yippie;

(16) Is grateful for Primed Anastazia and Danah because it was through their Instagram posts that she learned about the fun and natural Primed lifestyle.

I ran to visit Kristella barefooted and also did vco oil pulling on the way.

Dear Kristella,

You rock.

You look so much healthier, stronger, energized and alive. Very cool.

I am very glad and proud of us. Haha.

Here are some podcasts featuring me and the natural and fun Primed lifestyle.

Podcasts are a great way to learn and stay motivated.

Do not believe everything you hear though. Try your own experiments on yourself because what works for one is not always a solution for another. Context is key.

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