Down to Earth grass-fed beef, onions, garlic, vco, olive oil and cheddar cheese filled avocado. All bought from Legazpi Sunday Market.

Delicious breakfast after my barefoot @legazpisundaymarket romp. Here is avocado 🥑 with @downtoearthph grass-fed beef, vco fried onions & garlic, cheddar cheese and atchara. So good. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

Support great farmers who produce great products. Do not support packet people. They do not sell food. It is nutrient deficient stuff.

Cut your avocado in half and fill with sautéed onion and garlic and your Down to Earth grass fed beef.

I had a great time before the market in Legazpi Park. I did my Nitric Oxide release, grounding and 33 spins to my right.

Was happy to see Primed Mark Mariano and Primed Jequi with her beautiful children.

Jequi and Rohan are proud farmers like Joy from Davao.

Mark Mariano from Zuellig Family Foundation rocks.

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