When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the test is ready the teacher will disappear.

Newly Primed Cat is already enjoying the following with her fun Primed lifestyle ( it is definitely not a diet as food is #4 or 5 once Primed ).

    Improved energy ( energy is life )

    Less cravings

    More satisfied with her food and is full more easily ( is eating quality over quantity )

    No longer hungry like she was before ( more time to be mindful and do other things )

    Will not eat fast food = junk “food” ( should not be called food )

    Has a better, more restful quality sleep ( is following simple Primed protocols to improve her sleep habits and hygiene )

    Easily wakes early

    Wakes up more refreshed

    Already has improved skin

    Will improve her skin even more by ditching make up

    Is loving her big, hearty, healthy breakfasts

    Is very grateful she bumped into Primed Rose Ann whilst jogging one day at UP Diliman

  • Will give away her spam ( now realises it is not fit for human consumption / or even for our pets )

  • Is enjoying her Primed lifestyle

  • Is proud of herself

  • Has peace if mind in knowing that she is absolutely on the right path to optimal health

  • Is looking forward to inspiring her friends, colleagues and parents

  • Is so satisfied with her great Primed breakfast that she no longer eats lunch

  • Is loving her seafood like shrimp and clams

  • Loves her Primed Kimbap wraps with cream cheese and eggs ( will try by adding kimchi )

  • Primed helps you with cool habits that set you up for success.

  • You must know your goals so you then set your fun habits accordingly.

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