Primed Cassidy rocks. Mike Grogan said WoW.

When Primed Mike saw Primed Cassy he said wow. He was amazed at how vibrant, energetic and fabulous she looked. Cool. Cassy already looked good before. But now she looks better. That’s Primed.

Cassy loves using the Primed Organic vco I gave her. It is good for cooking and oil pulling. Even on your skin and in your hair. Please avoid TOXIC veg oil

I gave Cassy a vco because she rocks and I care. I want Cassy to be a true Filipino. That means living like a Filipino. That means eating and enjoying Filipino foods. Pancit and pandesal are not Filipino. They are cheap garbage for people who do not know better.

I am looking forward to Cassy joining Mike and I for our next picnic in Ortigas Park. Have you had a picnic lately? Why not?

Cassy is positive, has positive habits and is doing great.

Her grandmother Fely is making great Primed dishes that includes eggs, seafood, green veg, onion, garlic and fermented vegetables like atchara and kimchi.

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