Primed Abby has a better mood, energy, sleep and outlook. That is cool. Life is BETTER.

Primed Abby is cool.

This Monday morning we will meet at Urdaneta Village Park for some fun Primed protocols. We will get grounded, do 33 spins to our right, run, jump, play, laugh, be mindful, grateful and positive.Food nutrition will be irrelevant. Food is only #4 on your journey to optimal health. Disagree? No worries. Unfortunately you are probably spending valuable time and money to go further away from optimal. Just ask heart attack Bob Harper from America’s Biggest Loser.

Primed Abby has improved the following:

    Her skin;
    Her energy;
    Her mood;
    Her outlook;
    Her satiety / hunger;
    Her sleep;
    Her breakfast;
    Her savings ; and
    Her life.

Early days of course but life will only get better from here.

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