Primed Nurse Joy is fabulous. Minus 20 pounds without exercise and saving 4,000 pesos per month.

Primed Nurse Joy Is:

  1. Sleeping 😴 so much better and prioritising quality sleep and a quality sleep environment;
  2. Lost over 20 pounds with no exercise at all;
  3. Has a huge improvement in energy levels. Is hugely improved with respect to productivity at work and in life;
  4. Loves walking a lot in the sun. Used to be lazy and had no energy to do anything. Now walking 3km is easy. Hence, Joy is also saving money on transport;
  5. Better skin by far. Saving money by not needing make up, skin creams etc.
  6. Skin quality is a fabulous sign of health;
  7. Vastly improved brain quality functioning. Joy learns faster and retains her information more easily. She is reviewing better and is more efficient in her learnings;
  8. Is saving 4K per month without spending anything on meds. Hence, Joy spends zero on meds with improved health. When she spent 4K per month nothing happened. Her health became worse. This is good for the drug companies and some docs but not good for Joy;
  9. Is healthier and happier;
  10. Is smarter and stronger;
  11. Loves her gratitude journal. Still working on being positive and seeing the good in all situations. That’s cool. No one is perfect. Just aim for Better Every Day;
  12. Is now fighting disease and not FEEDING it;
  13. Loves Primed food like sardines, eggs and green vegetable carbohydrates.
  14. Nurse Joy avoids POISONED sugar grains like bread, pasta and noodles;
  15. Will incorporate a Nitric Oxide Dump into her daily habits sooner rather than later;
  16. Is reversing / reversed Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension; and
  17. Nurse Joy wants a better life and is enjoying her fun Primed lifestyle that is helping her achieve that goal.
  • We caught up at @downtoearthph shop along Yakal Street in Makati. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #energyislife❤️

  • It is great to support real food farmers.
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