Primed Luis from GN Power has more energy. Energy is life.


  1. Is avoiding eating late food for better overall digestion and improved use of energy whilst sleeping for better repair and recovery;
  2. Is a lot less hungry;
  3. Is loving his gratitude journal;
  4. Is drinking a lot more water;
  5. Has lost 3 pounds already which indicates his body is responding well to his Primed changes;
  6. Is enjoying his eggs;
  7. Has a cool strategy of eating a big breakfast so he fills his energy tank for the day so he will be less hungry later in the day;
  8. Because Luis is less hungry he is thinking of food less. Hence, he is thinking of his work, family and colleagues more;
  9. His pants are more loose;
  10. Is using his increased energy to spend more quality time with his family;
  11. Is using his increased energy to do push ups. Luis will do these more outside in the sun and try eccentric routines. This means doing less quantity but improving quality by going more slowly on the way down of his push up;
  12. Has taped his mouth before bed and enjoyed it. His wife said he is more still whilst sleeping;
  13. Has tried tongue scraping but is less necessary when doing mouth taping at night. Nose breathing ROCKS;
  14. Luis is loving getting more sun and has browner skin. #brownskinrocks;
  15. Is sleeping earlier and better. Luis wakes more easily now which indicates his sleep quality is vastly improved;
  16. Is far more lively, energetic and ALIVE.

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