10 Cool Ways to Live / Sleep / Eat Better

Some cool tactics include:

(1) Getting rid of your tv that programs you to buy / want what harms you. Spend more time outside;

(2) Having a cool 3 week check list that I update daily. My priorities / weaknesses are at the top;

(3) Setting my goals for short and longer term;

(4) Setting my daily intentions upon waking after a great sleep;

(5) Ensure you have better sleep which helps your mood and will power;

(6) Understanding that big food and big Pharma want you sick and weak so you are dependant on their garbage stuff;

(7) Knowing that most grains (bread, pasta and noodles, breakfast cereal etc.) are POISONED sugar. There is poison GLYPHOSATE inside this processed carnage;

(8) Be cool and do not worry if you slip up. Aim to be Better Every Day;

(9) Aim to nourish your brain and body with great nutrients that are not simply limited to food;

(10) Get a wellness coach to guide you. Someone that has over 4 years of Primed success stories. Someone who has clients that include docs, nurses, companies, families etc. Someone who has clients worldwide. Someone who never judges and has also experienced being over weight and not healthy. Someone who would run 20km just to chat. Who would travel 6 hours to Iligan City to see your family. 🙂

Have a great day. 🙂

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