Fun and Life Changing Primed seminars in Dumaguete at Atlantis Philippines Dive Resorts and Liveaboards. Primed Boss Andy rocks.

I had a great time sharing the Primed lifestyle to the staff of Primed Andy Pope at his Atlantis Philippines Dive Resort in Dumaguete. Andy and I conducted 4 90 minute seminars in his outdoor restaurant of the beautiful resort. It was well received by his variety of staff from chefs, boat crew, dive masters, security, drivers, service crew and senior managers.

The staff asked great questions and had some great Primed examples of their relatives thriving with the Primed principles we discussed. They understood it all well and started implementing almost immediately.

Within 16 hours of the seminar accountant James had improved his sleep and within 40 hours had one of his best sleeps in a very long time. This is very significant because sleep is life and life is sleep.

Here is some of the wonderful Primed food I enjoyed with Andy. We explained that food need not be expensive. The “rules” are to be real, local, seasonal and fresh where possible. Seafood and eggs rock. Quality carbohydrates too. Good fats like coconut oil, coconut milk etc. Avoid GMO soy, TOXIC veg oil like canola, no glyphosate poisoned grains like bread, pasta and noodles, nothing low fat, limit d processed meats etc. and no stress. Just an aim to be Better Every Day.

We explained that eggs rock and my record for breakfast is 46.

Breakfast on my first morning was an omelette with seafood and greens.

My second meal there was a fabulous salmon with lemon butter sauce and quality veg.

We also enjoyed Primed treats made with coconut flour.

My favourite was eating outside with great service from Rea. She has a great character and used my first name at all times. Never sir. Cool. These poached eggs with smoked salmon and kimchi was super.

I also supplemented my nutrition with sun, grounding, friendship, spreading love, gratitude and forest bathing.

Atlantis Philippines Dive Resort and Liveaboards is a great place to relax, recharge and have fun.

I can hardly wait to return and learn about all the Primed success stories of the staff there and their families.

We all deserve to be healthy and happy. It is possible with the Primed Lifestyle.

You will be stronger, smarter, healthier and happier.

You will save time and money. You will go on holidays and not to hospitals.

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