How to Store your Market Fresh Broccoli

We love shopping at our local markets. We usually buy up on a Sunday but this poses serious issues with our fridge sometimes overflowing from the week previous and the week ahead.

I have written this post to show how to find room in your fridge for all the great Primed produce you buy.

We often Breville blend any green veg on Sunday morning to make additional room in our fridge.

Legaspi Sunday Market_Primed_for_your_Life_veg

Broccoli is a favorite of ours with 10 heads being the most we have bought in one morning at Legazpi Sunday market. We always buy ay least 6 dozen eggs.

Broccoli stored2

I love Down to Earth sardines in olive oil too.

How to Optimize your Broccoli Storage

I simply cut the florets off and separate the stalks for our Primed Gourmet Pizza later in the week.

Broccoli storage

So, the base comes off the cauliflower and the broccoli is trimmed down and cleaned up a little. Not washed yet except for what will be used for lunch.

Broccoli storage1

So, a portion is steamed along with some okra, eggs and maybe some cabbage.

Broccoli stored1

Steamed broccoli rocks when sauteed in VCO with turmeric, pepper and Himalayan salt. Always with lots of chopped onion and garlic.


Lauren loves cooking this one and we often use various Indian spices.

Broccoli stored

You can make broccoli and cauliflower rice with a cheese grater.

Broccoli and Cauliflower "Rice"

Making Primed Gourmet Pizza bases is simple.

Gourmet Pizza8

Your Primed broccoli rocks when mixed with sardines for your omelette tomorrow.


Or simply add the broccoli to your sardines.

Sardine Dishes17

You can also steam your eggs and okra after your broccoli. Steam the eggs last.

Here’s some cool produce we buy from the market. Usually a bare foot affair for me.


Kitchen 1B Legazpi market

Always bring your own bags and containers to the market to be eco-friendly.

Market BYO bags

The Final Words

Market Eat Local


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