Fruit tartare with Pineapple Mint Broth

Now for a delicious and refreshing dessert of Assorted Fruit Tartare with Pineapple Mint Broth.

This dessert is the last item of our 3-course menu with the Appetizer of Smoked Salmon, Pan-fried Duck Liver, Beetroot Compote and the main course of Duck Leg Confit, Squash rice and Mushroom a la Bordelaise.


30 grams Melon
30 grams Mango
30 grams Strawberries
30 grams Red Apple
30 grams Pineapple
100 ml Water
1 gram Mint


Dice melon, mango, strawberries, red apple. Combine all of the fruits except the pineapple and let it cool inside the chiller.

Fruit Tartare

To make pineapple broth:
Combine pineapple and water then let it simmer. Use hand blender to make the pineapple smooth. Put chopped mint last minute.

Fruit Tartare1

Fruit Tartare2

To assemble:
Using a ring mold, put all of the chopped fruits together. Serve the pineapple mint broth on a separate small milk jar.

Fruit Tartare3

Ready to serve.

Fruit Tartare4

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