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Great Reasons Your Company Should Go Primed

Great companies look after their staff. They know that their health (and that of their staff’s family) is an essential ingredient for the companies success. Happy and healthy staff equate to more productive and smarter employees.

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The Primed Lifestyle has a proven track record in improving productivity and staff satisfaction. It reverses Type 2 Diabetes, ADHD, obesity, asthma, PCOS among many other conditions. Health markers improve drastically.

Read about Primed Corporate success stories here.  Also here.

Here are some of the great activities that could be incorporated into your fun and educational Primed Wellness Seminar:

1.       INTRODUCTION: (a) Health and fitness goals; (b) Health history rating 1-10; (c) Gratitude exercise; (d) What do you “love too much?”; (e) “What do you want to do at 90?”; and (f)  Habits to improve…

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