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Le Bron & Kobe Would Never Have Fries With That

People Who Would Never Touch Fries (I am making an educated guess)

LeBron, Kobe and Novak Djokovic know that fries cooked in vegetable oil can be deadly seeing they immediately constrict your arteries upon eating them. They all follow the Primed/LCHF way of eating real food.

Similarly, celebrities like Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Matthew McConaughey, Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow want to maintain a healthy mind and body so they too would avoid anything cooked in vegetable oil seeing it is but a molecule away from being plastic!

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Bobcats
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Primed Ultra Marathoner Rose Betonio

Meet a wonderful Primed lady called Rose Benito. Rose is an ultra marathoner with a great smile and a tremendous zest for life. Rose recently adopted the Primed Lifestyle, loves it and will never go back!

Rose pic

Rose Betonio Said:

Kristian Joergensen introduce me my diet plan absolute result not even 1 month my abs is out already with the workout determination.”

“Thanks to primed for your life I will make a testimony after I finish my 60 days challenge :)”

“It’s really great in almost 3 weeks my abs is out. That’s a big wow and everyone amaze and asking about the diet plan, even international runners.”

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Primed Ultra Marathoner Kristian Joergensen

Meet Primed Kristian Joergensen, a Danish ultra marathoner and trail runner living in the Philippines.  Just another example of someone who has improved their lives by going Primed.

Read here why so many people like Kristian are going Primed. Even the professional ultra marathoners like Timothy Olson and Zach Bitter are.

Quotes from Kristian Joergensen: – 

“I follow your blog. Loved the fresh coconut milk for curry dishes and shakes.”

“Thanks a lot, following you Primed tips. It is really good!”

“The Primed kimchi wraps, and coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut cream are really, really good!”

“Much inspiring to follow your Primed for your Life blog. Will use Primed home-made Gelfor Pulag100 next week!”

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Primed Marc Lost 35 Pounds in 3 Months but Found Extra Energy!

Marc is one of my best friends. He is a cool, tall, German guy who has made his home in the Philippines and is working hard to improve the care for the elderly here.

Marc D article

Marc Daubenbuechel in Business Mirror. Its an article about his stay and work here in the Philippines.

How Did Marc Lose 35 Pounds?

Marc lost his 35 pounds by eating real food and not through endless, fruitless exercise. Marc eliminated most of his cheap, processed carbs (still sneaking in the occasional beer and pizza every now and then though) like bread, pasta, noodles and crackers. He eats lots of healthy carbohydrates though like spinach, kangkong, beetroot, carrots etc. Marc did buy a bike and can be seen riding around Santa Rosa every now and then.

So, How Does Marc Go To The Next Level?
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“Carbohydrates Can Kill” Book Review by Jimmy Moore

I have a friend called Jimmy Moore. He has written the book review below on the book of Dr. Robert Su M.D. called Carbohydrates Can Kill. Jimmy Moore is a passionate LCHF proponent because he desperately wants people to live better and longer lives through eating real food. Jimmy Moore also wrote one of my favorite books called Keto Clarity (as well as another called Cholesterol Clarity).

Kitchen 56 by Earth Kitchen Bacon

Carbohydrates Can Kill

Dr. Su Says Low-Carb Will Work For You, Too!

By Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Man/Jimmy Moore on May 1, 2009
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Condura Skyway Race Report: Stronger, Faster, Younger, Primed.

The gun shot at midnight to herald the start of the Condura Skyway marathon had extra significance for all of the 5000 plus marathon runners that morning. The gun shot was symbolic of the loss of the 44 Fallen PNP-SAF members. They are heroes who died for freedom and peace. May you all Rest in Peace and your families gain strength from your sacrifice. We all salute and respect you.

Condura 44 Fallen PNP-SAF members

Running for a Cause – Congratulations Raul Concepcion aka RunningShield

Thanks to the vision and integrity of Raul Concepcion we had an event to honor our heroes. The fallen 44 and the current serving and retired armed forces were at the forefront of our minds and hearts.

Condura Joey

Like the thousands of others I ran with a heavy heart as I thought of them. I also reflected on my other heroes and was thinking of my Dad, my hero, Charles Davis. He adopted and adored my brother and I and was a great man. I ran that morning wearing his ring. It was quite prophetic that at the 28km mark I was joined by a guy called Charles, the only person whom I ran with for a few kilometers as he kept my steady pace of 4:58 for the entire marathon.  I took it as symbolic that my Dad was with me for the race and I knew in my heart that I would finish the race strongly.

Dad - Charles John Davis
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What is the Primed Lifestyle?

THE PRIMED LIFESTYLE It is unique to every individual. You need to experiment and discover yours.

This is why I called it Primed for your Life. It is getting the best fuel (food, beverage, sun light, play, exercise and sleep) for your body so you can live a better and longer life.

Primed reverses

I will share what is my Primed Lifestyle in the hope you discover your own.

We try to minimize stress and maximize our enjoyment of life so also adhere to a rough 80/20 rules that allows for some flexibility within the Primed Lifestyle.

Simply put, The Primed Lifestyle is about eating real food to maximize your nutrients and minimize your inflammation. This then helps you maintain a constant blood sugar level within an optimal range so you can enjoy more time for life.

A strong motivating factor in the Primed Lifestyle is ensuring we mirror the health and happiness we want for our children.

Over-fed and under-nourished61

Please listen to Primed for your Life being featured on That Paleo Show here.

This one too from Primed Mike Grogan.

Mike healthy
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